1. GP C18 120A
    GP-C18 uses full coverage bonded silica packing, which provides exceptionally high stability. The unique mono-functional bonding chemistry of GP-C18 avoids the formation of multiple C18 layers. Such uniform stationary phase allows the separation to achieve high selectivity and high efficiency.
  2. GP C4 120A
    Monomeric and fully endcapped GP-C4 packing is bonded with butyl groups that lead to moderate hydrophobicity. GP-C4 columns have unique selectivity and peak symmetry with moderate retention for separations of acidic, neutral and basic organic compounds, such as pharmaceuticals, peptides, and organic acids.
  3. GP C8 120A
    GP-C8 phase is synthesized with monomeric and fully endcapped chemistry. The uniform octyl stationary phase allows high efficiency with lower hydrophobicity compared to ODS phase. GP-C8 phase is suitable for separating compounds with a wide range of hydrophobicity. It is highly recommended for separating the compounds which are too strongly retained on C18 phases.
  4. GP Phenyl 120A
    GP-Phenyl packing materials are bonded with propyl phenyl groups that enable special interaction with ring structured compounds. The monomeric bonding chemistry gives high efficiency and high resolution separations. GP-Phenyl phase is suitable for separations of acidic, neutral and basic organic compounds, as well as pharmaceuticals.