1. HP Amino 120A
    Synthesized with polymeric chemistry, HP-Amino phase is bonded with aminopropyl functional group. HP-Amino phase is compatible with versatile mobile phases from non-aqueous solvents, such as hexane/ethyl acetate and chloroform/methanol, to aqueous solutions. It is recommended for separations of sugars, nucleotides, basic organic compounds, as well as the pharmaceuticals.
  2. HP C18 (II) 100A
    HP-C18(2) uses a proprietary ODS bonding chemistry to a high surface area silica gel to achieve long retention time and high loading capability. The ODS density is specially designed to achieve optimal selectivity for both hydrophobic and hydrophilic compounds. The proprietary endcapping chemistry maximizes consumption of silanol groups on the silica surface, and minimizes the free silanol groups to undetectable level. Such unique bonding chemistry allows the phase to achieve high peak symmetry, even for basic compounds. HP-C18(2) phase is compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases.
  3. HP C18 120A
    HP-C18 uses full coverage bonded silica packing, which provides high stability. Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phase and suitable for separations of acidic, neutral and basic organic compounds, as well as pharmaceuticals and peptides. ODS monolayer formed by special bonding chemistry does not collapse in pure aqueous solution.
  4. HP C18 200A

    Highly controlled chemistry of monolayer formation and end-capping. High column-to-column reproducibility. High selectivity and high efficiency for separations. Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phase. Suitable for separations of peptides, proteins, and pharmaceuticals.

  5. HP Cyano 120A
    Synthesized with monomeric and fully endcapped chemistry, HP-Cyano phase is bonded with propylcyano functional group that allows special interaction with polar compounds. The monomeric bonding chemistry enables high efficiency and high resolution separation of peptide, proteins, acidic, neutral and basic organic compound, and pharmaceuticals.
  6. HP SCX 120A

    HP-SCX is a silica based mixed-mode strong cation exchange phase. The phase has a mixed chemical structure of sulfonic acid and phenyl group. The mixed mode of strong cation-exchange and hydrophobicity offers unique selectivity and high resolution separation for cationic/basic and nitrogen containing compounds as well as desirable retention for a variety of weak cationic and neutral organic compounds. The uniform polymeric bonding of HP-SCX enhances its stability under various separation conditions.

  7. HP Silica 120A
    HP-Silica phase is made of activated hydroxyl (-OH) functional group with the pore size selection of 60, 120, 200, 300, 500, 1000 and 2000 Å and particle size selection of 1.8, 2.2, 3, 5, and 10 µm. Carbon loading is 0.0%. HP-Silica is used as the normal phase as well as HILIC phase. HP-Silica phases are suitable for separations of polar and basic organic compounds, such as vitamins, steroids, as well as pharmaceuticals.